About Karin

Karin Taylor is a Dutch born wildlife artist based in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

karin-taylor-wildlife-artistKarin started out as a watercolour artist in the early 90's. She and her family lived and worked in the Far and Middle East for many years before emigrating to Canada in 1997.

Karin prefers to work with unusual canvases and materials: her choice of 'canvas' has ranged from huge boulders to wild turkey feathers. Currently she hand-sculpts wildlife (including her yoga bears) out of wood cellulose and creates wildlife and coastal paintings in acrylics and mixed media. Her feather and 3D art has been part of the Western Art Show of the Calgary Stampede for over 15 years and has also been featured in TV specials for HGTV and Chinese/Canadian TV. These days she is fortunate to spend her studio time in either Vancouver or in Davis Bay on the Sunshine Coast